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Economic Development V.S. Environmental Protection by Ming Liu

Finally it is getting cold lately in Syracuse. But can you imagine that about three months ago the weather was like burning? Maybe people from twenty years ago did not even need a fan to get through the summers. Today, because of global warming, we are even afraid to go to the places without air conditioning.

At first, we want to figure out why global warming is getting worse gradually. Some people might say that the development of industry could be one of the reasons why the global temperature is getting higher day by day. However, even though the gases industries discharge could cause global warming, who can prove that global warming is mainly caused by those industries? Two years ago, the Fraser Institute invited Doctor Ross McKitrick to give a speech about global warming; he mentioned that the concept that the global temperature will rapidly increase in the future lacks evidence; if the industries could operate with other “cleaner” ways on production, global warming would get slow down or even stop.

There might be unfairness between countries with different levels of development. In those developed countries, since they already have the abundant materials and improved technology, there is going to be a bigger chance for them to do a good job on protecting environment than other developing or undeveloped countries. However, the environment has already been destroyed by those developed countries and then they came up to the stage criticizing other countries which did not go through the processes of environmental protection.

Is economic development always being against to environmental protection? In my opinion, “sustainable growth” should be the main goal we are looking for. Depending on the technology we have today, we will figure out the ways to balance between economy and environment.


3 Responses to “Economic Development V.S. Environmental Protection by Ming Liu”

  1. It will be interesting to see what new advancements come out that will be energy efficient and also helps boost the economy. As we all know, the economic policies and environmental policies really have been stepping on each others toes for years. Most of the time these environmental policies are pushed to the side basically because of greed. In my opinion we should increase funding for energy efficient research that will not only help the economy but also help the environment at the same time.

  2. Global warming is not a priority at this point in time for the US. The market crisis is in everyone’s mind and no one is thinking about global warming. Global warming was way popular before this crisis happened. I haven’t heard any of the presidential candidates talking about ways to prevent global warming. This article is also very interesting because it describes how money comes before our planet’s prosperity.

  3. I think that a lot of the time sustainable growth is actually in the best interest of companies and industries. If they can try to find ways to use their waste products to benefit them or even create other products then they will make more money and it will be better for the enviornment. A good example of this is some brewerys use all their excess products to do other things. More industries should try to do this and they would benefit from it, as well as would the enviornment.

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